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Trusted Hub is formed in the year 2001 to provide document processing that conforms to legal standards such that data and images produced can be recognized as electronic originals and with equal legal weight-age as compared with paper transaction.Today, Trusted Hub has grown rapidly into one of the leaders in providing Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) in Asia.

Trusted Hub technologies and services are based on stringent legal and control frameworks to ensure that the electronic data created and stored with us is trustworthy. We have been EA certified and reviewed since 2001.

Trusted Hub operates one of the largest BPaaS Hub in Asia. Singapore is the Center Of Excellence for our R&D and the birthplace of many of our innovative and leading BPaaS services and also powerful processing tools & framework.

Business Process as as Service (BPaaS)

Most companies have diverse back office functions that are either directly related to the business or are supporting functions.

We know that most in-house business processes are interactions between business documents & IT systems that are governed by business logics. Over the years, Trusted Hub has been developing & fine-tuning our service methodology, processes & systems to manage such processes on behalf of our clients to a high degree of efficacy and efficiency. By transferring part of these back office processes to Trusted Hub, our clients can “buy back” or “rent” their back office functions as a service with added value from Trusted Hub.

Our clients benefit from our well-honed expertise in processing these back office functions. In the process, their back offices are transformed from ‘in-house with fixed overheads’ configuration to ‘on-demand back office’ configuration.

Regional Business

Trusted Hub has also gone regional. Our first overseas processing centre operated by a local business partner using Trusted Hub’s technology and methodology through our business licensing program went live in Malaysia. We are now able to offer homogenous BPaaS processing in 2 countries. We are expanding into more countries in the near future to offer multiple centres processing to our clients. Contact us to find out more if you are interested in becoming of our overseas business licensees.