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Trusted Document Imaging Services / Data Conversion Services
In-Source Versus Outsource. 
Trusted & Secure Independent Record Hosting and Management.

Trusted Document Imaging Services / Data Conversion Services

Most enterprise information sources exist in physical formats that are cumbersome to manage. They are:

• Hard to integrate into IT systems / workflow.
• Can be tampered with / destroyed / lost easily.
• Highly inefficient for work processing (sequential and not parallel processing).
• Costly for long-term safekeeping, searching & retrieval.

Trusted Hub specializes in transforming the enterprise’s old and cumbersome information and information handling processes, into efficiently run, searchable and mine-able information databases.

The basic process building blocks are certified and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers against the legislative guidelines to ensure that records produced are recognized and trusted over record life spans.

Benefits of the service:

• Best practice business records profiling and classification templates available for varying kinds of enterprise content. (Such as Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Legal, etc)
• 24-hour real-time data conversion capability with customizable & stringent service level assurance (for both on-site and off-site deployments).
• Certified Terabyte-level data repository that serves as both primary or disaster recovery backup of customer data.
• Servers are located in a secured disaster recovery center.
• Images and data produced by our certified process are recognized by legal and tax authorities giving clients the option to purge their physical records post-conversion.
• Customizable post processing output based on open formats for external systems integration.
• Experience with data integration to major document management applications.