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Universal Processing Center (UPC)

Trusted Hub’s UPC is designed and structured to take on the processing of different kinds of transactions that range from simple to complex and with varying transaction cycle times. Enterprises that experience a high volume of mission-critical transactions reap the best benefits from the services offered by the UPC.

The UPC is designed to process different kinds of transactions on a 24-hour basis therefore giving our clients a strategic advantage over competitors. These can be broadly categorized as:

  • Daily operational transactions
  • New business Transactions
  • Internally generated transactions

The UPC offers enterprises with an alternative to reduce costs associated with non-core tasks:

  • Transactions verification and authentication services
  • Classification and codification services
  • Call Center Services to handle transaction-related exceptions and workflow
  • Hosted dynamic workflow application to electronically routing data and e-content various stakeholders
  • Evidence Act Certified data capture and data conversion services.

Enterprises potentially benefits from:

  • Increase transparency and neutrality in business processes to comply with requirements of guidelines such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act.
  • Improved information and transaction tracking and status reporting.
  • The advanced real-time reporting capabilities enable managers to identify resource bottlenecks and actively solve them.
  • Faster turnaround time through the outsourcing of non-core and resource intensive work to the UPC.
  • Eliminate the costs related to surges and troughs in transactions load.
  • Customers can re-deploy resources to handle higher value added work.