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In-Source Versus Outsource 
Trusted & Secure Independent Record Hosting and Management.

In-Source Versus Outsource.

Vital content required for business decision-making or day-to-day running of business operations often exist in physical formats and the act of obtaining these data requires extensive handling and processing. These tasks are often tedious, labor intensive and difficult manage. In addition, it distracts an enterprise from spending more time on their core activities.

Organizational challenges of In-sourcing

• Resource (manpower & equipment) under-utilization during transaction troughs is expensive.
• Resource (manpower & equipment) over-utilization during transaction surges leads to manpower attrition, lower morale and increased costs.
• It is expensive to develop an alternative operational center to meet modern day business continuity requirements.

Trusted Hub’s BPO center offers specialized and domain-educated personnel that are trained in handling a variety of transactions for your enterprise. Whether you are outsourcing for finance, banking, healthcare or government records, specially trained and experienced domain staff will be assigned to handle your projects.

A combination of high-tech software, mature processing methodology and proper project management structure is used to deliver promised results and meet service level guarantees.

Our focus in accuracy and quality control coupled with domain know-how reduces output errors dramatically and improves costs and productivity.


• Eliminate cost of troughs in demand (Under-Utilization of assets).
• Eliminate cost of surges in demand (HR, Management, Capital expenditures, Time delays in hiring, training).
• Business Continuity (e.g. SARS, Disasters) for Operational Centre.
• Operating 24 hours, we process transactions overnight so that enterprises can have fresh data to work on the next day.
• Enhanced turn-around time leads to better stakeholder satisfaction and experience with our clients.
• Our clients are able to better utilize resources by re-directing manpower to focus on core business activities.