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   Universal Processing Center (UPC)
Trusted Document Imaging Services / Data Conversion Services
In-Source Versus Outsource. 
Trusted & Secure Independent Record Hosting and Management.

Trusted & Secure Independent Record Hosting and Management.

Besides offering outsourcing services in the processing and creation of trusted electronic content for workflow use, Trusted Hub also offers an audited and secure hosting infrastructure to host both the customer’s enterprise content and the secure systems and applications that the customer operate.

Trusted Hub offers enterprises a proven, secure and easy alternative to tap on an ideal hosting infrastructure , without incurring onerous upfront investments.

Our hosting infrastructure with full disaster recovery and business continuity features can be used as a secondary site for business contingency purposes.

• 24 x 7 availability.
• 24 x7 security monitoring.
• Located within a disaster recovery centre.
• Subjected to audits and periodic independent ethical hacking.
• Used by banks and financial institutions to host their vital records.

• Charges are utility-based.
• Costs only a fraction of own-it-yourself infrastructure.
• No technology obsolescence.
• Short implementation time frame.
• Infrastructure is robust, trusted and certified against major guideliness.

• Service levels are clearly defined based on individual client’s cost and risk preference.