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Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery for Trusted Electronic Original Documents

Vital business records and documents that exist in both electronic and physical formats make up the lifeline of any business. Companies without proper continuity strategies for their critical business content run the risk of losing such content permanently, leading to costly business stoppages, risks and liabilities.

Using our service, the customer has the assurance that their critical business e-documents/content are safely stored away in a highly reliable and trusted disaster recovery facility.

In the event of business disruption, these electronic content can be activated instantly for the continuity of business operations either through direct authenticated user web access or by recovering hosted data back into their own primary systems.

Our secured and trusted facilities have capabilities to house all servers and communication equipment securely. Our facilities include:

  • Precision Air Conditioning
  • Power Supply Source from two separate power sub-station, namely UPS with backup generators with capacity to last for weeks without refilling
  • Backup Generators facilities as a contingency power source in the event of a local utility power disruption
  • FM-200 and ‘dry-pipe’ sprinkler fire suppression systems
  • Humidity Control
  • Structured cable management systems
  • Flood Controls
  • Secure Environment with:-

    - 24 hours security surveillance
    - Logs reports for all points of access
    - CCTV electronic surveillance
    - Secure Door controls the access to hosting sites (Smart Card access; biometric at another cost)
    - Round the clock operators (24 x 7 x 365) manning the data center
    - Center’s network infrastructure supported by more than one Carriers
    - Specially designed to include dual fiber optic links to Carriers network or Telecoms

Data center is certified against the Evidence Act (EA) annually and reviewed against Electronic Transactions Act (ETA).

The data centre is audited against guidelines under EA and ETA guidelines and enables electronic documents that are stored to be admissible as evidence in court.

Physical Security

  • Access to the data centre is controlled by smart card and all visitors are escorted at all time within the data centre.
  • The data centre is monitored by surveillance camera round the clock.
  • Building security officer on duty round the clock.
  • Data center security officer on duty round the clock.

Large Storage Capacity

Part of Trusted Hub’s service includes the archival workflow content and retrospective records of our clients over the entire retention lifecycle period of their records. This can span from 7 years and beyond. Our online and offline hosting options provides offers flexibility to different client retrieval requirements.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Features

Often playing the role of the primary storage repository for our clients, Trusted Hub also our own fail safe DR plans to prevent against data loss due to disasters. We offer a secondary disaster recovery facility, located a safe distance away from the primary site. Our DR strategy also includes safe guards against internal and external tampering of data.