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Corporate Document Repository

The process of churning out business documents and storing them systematically for easy access is often complex and expensive. Making these processes simpler, cheaper and more reliable is an area of development that is gaining importance in the face of changing global demands for business continuity and legislative compliance. With this changing geo-political landscape, and increased incidences of man-made and natural disasters, enterprises are increasingly aware of the need to attain business continuity.

Trusted Hub’s service helps enterprises uncover the underlying weaknesses and gaps in their business processes and documentation. This added transparency alerts management on the key areas in their business that requires their attention.

Our repertoire of technologies and specialized services play a facilitating role  to help our clients to attain regulatory compliance (against legislations such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act) and in moving forward, put in place a system of sustainable corporate governance.

Companies can now look to Trusted Hub to fulfill their business continuity and compliance objectives by subscribing to our services which ensures that the authentic version of a business record is properly created, maintained and remains retrievable and searchable over time. In addition, a powerful digital rights management engine is administered to control the use of electronic business content.