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  • Background and Challenges

Healthcare providers are plagued with the management of a large number of medical records. Physical Filing and archival issues arise, as records are required by law to be kept for long periods of time.

These records are often stored within the healthcare institution in order to make them easily accessible in case of emergencies. However, this is often costly and ultimately a waste of prime medical space.

  • Trusted Hub’s healthcare offerings

    o TH’s data conversion capability (part of the BPO Center offering) enables records to be converted efficiently and accurately within a short span of time. By operating 24-hours a day, same-day records generated can be converted, profiled and returned to the institution.

    o Our healthcare e-records domain taxonomy helps to profile and classify medical records in a meaningful and useful way that facilitates searching, mining and retrieval of by medical staff over time.

    o TH’s processes are certified against Evidence Act hence ensuring that e-Medical records created in our processing center are as good as originals. This also gives institutions the confidence to destroy the physical equivalents post-processing.

    o With millions of images generated, institutions have the choice of outsourcing the storage and management of these records in our trusted massive storage infrastructure. Our vault technology is designed to e-warehouse millions of records and functions both as a primary as well as a secondary storage to ensure that these medical records are recoverable after disasters.