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. Straits Times Digital Life - Income Goes Paperless

Recent Wins and Announcements

. Statutory Board under the Ministry of Transport Statutory uses Trusted Hub to improve information searchability and enhance business continuity

. Major Global Electronics Manufacturer awards Business Process Outsourcing contract to Trusted Hub for Warranty Servicing

. STATS Chip Pac engages Trusted Hub to help meet its BCP Objectives

. Wearnes Technologies' key Financial Records go digital with Trusted Hub

. UK Merchant Bank subscribes to Trusted Hub's Digital Data Room Service for M&A facilitation

. Foreign Bank signs up for Trusted Hub's Outsourced Credit Processing Services

. Health Promotion Board makes use of Trusted Hub's EA Services to go digital

. Trusted Hub's Airline-Ticket Processing Center starts operations with Major Airlines on board

. MacDonald's Restaurant Chain makes use of Trusted Hub Services

. Singapore Airlines Sales Returns get processed through Trusted Hub

. Housing and Development Board (HDB) goes digital with Trusted Hub's Outsourcing Service

. More insurers adopt Trusted Hub's brand of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services

. Trusted Hub's e-Compliance engine adopted by Telco to achieve paperless processing

. Local Banks subscribe to Trusted Hub's comprehensive suite of banking outsourcing solutions

. Trusted Hub secures outsourcing deal from PSA for AP processing

. Trusted Hub and SCS win tender to provide IT Solution and Maintenance Services to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

. Nomura Bank goes digital with Trusted Hub's outsourcing service and solution

. National Cancer Center leverages on Trusted Hub's Outsourcing Service to go paperless

. Temasek Holdings signs up for Trusted Hub's e-Registry solution and outsourced Evidence Act Certified Imaging Services

. Trusted Hub and NTUC Income Trumpets its presence Online

. Fujihunt - a Division of FujiFilm adopts Trusted Hub's Outsourcing services

. Singapore Eye Center adopts Trusted Hub's unique patient records outsourcing services and solutions for HealthCare Institutions

. Trusted Hub lands NTUC Income account to assist major insurer in going paperless

. Robinsons Group out sources its financial document processing to Trusted Hub

. Trusted Hub becomes Point of Submission for Inland Revenue Authority

. Trusted Hub and SCS win Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Tender

. TH wins Ministry of Manpower enterprise document imaging project

. TH host JTC virtual data room

. TH host CMMTC virtual data room

. TH provides Evidence Act certified document imaging for ANZ Bank

. TH wins outsourcing project to process major airline's Voyage Reports

. TH provides hosted imaging repository and real time active records processing for TM Asialife

. TH pre-process NHG's AP invoices

. TH process GST refunds