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Trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Suite

The Trusted BPO Suite is a robust, full-featured data creation and secure imaging tool that is certified against the Evidence Act Guidelines by PriceWaterhouseCoopers. [The electronic content created using the Trusted BPO Suite and in conjunction with an audited process of creation, committal and output ensures that the digital content is trusted by that authorities and its users.

Due to the stringent nature of the audit on the software and processes used to create electronic images, it can create heavy customization investments for any companies that wish to do it from an off-the-shelf application that are not compliant with guidelines. The BPO Suite enables enterprises that require their software to functionally comply with Evidence Act standards to deploy the Trusted BPO Suite immediately without further need for customization. This enables them to start their data conversion initiatives faster and in compliance with the Evidence Act.

The above are some advantages presented in that format, whereas the below are more advantages presented in a different format. The rationale for this differentiation?

  • High Speed Data Creation: The suite is architected for high volume image and data production and handling. It is built specifically to cater to large enterprises embarking on ambitious data conversion projects involving both their prospective and retrospective records.
  • Scanner Control: The Trusted BPO Suite’ scanner control module supports single and multi-image production and also supports TWAIN-compatible scanners.
  • Automation using Templates: The Trusted BPO Suite is built on technologies that enable administrators to create a multi-template environment in which to automatically identify documents and dynamically create document profiles. This computer-aided work processing capability increases accuracy, productivity and reduces production costs.

  • Validation and Quality Control: The validation controls allow the user to validate images and indexes that have been created to ensure that they meet the required clarity and accuracy levels desired. The Trusted BPO Suite consists of a host of value-added functions and technologies to enable operators to create the optimal image as well as to detect errors and discrepancies easily.

  • E-Content Security: Once validated, the final images and profiles of documents are tamper-proofed with the latest digital protection technology to prevent fraudulent modifications and unauthorized deletion before the electronic content is checked into our trusted vault.

  • Release & Output of e-Content: The release module exports the validated images and meta-data in a native XML format and users have a choice of storage mediums to choose from. (For example CD-ROM, Trusted Content Manager, third party Document and Content Management systems and databases, workflow applications and the like).

    The content release timing can be pre-set up administrators and customized for electronic content of varying nature. Active content required for workflow processing are usually timed for release in “real-time basis” to trigger the workflow application.