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Trusted Content Manager


Legal Compliance

The TCM is a secured digital content manager that is architected to store and maintain electronic records such that the integrity, authenticity and access history of these records are maintained perfectly. The overall designed embodies the guidelines of Electronics Transactions Act and Evidence Act (Computer Output Regulations).

Open Format / Mainstream Standard
As the Content Manager is often the centerpiece of an implementation, it has to be flexible to adapt to new communication languages. The TCM is designed based on open standards and principles.

Process components like
(i) the creation of the digital content;
(ii) the digital treatment of the digital content to ensure authenticity and content integrity;
(iii) the format of the digital content;
(iv) the access rights control;
(v) the capturing of digital content access history and
(vi) the design of external interfaces for data exchange have been carefully implemented so that each of them can work seamlessly with virtually any external application.

Clientele adoption
Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, telecommunications, hi-tech manufacturing firms and government agencies use the TCM to enable them to manage and mine their enterprise e-records in a secure and trusted manner.