Trusted Hub

We are a Singapore company that has more than 20 years of experience in the management of business information, applications & collaborations.

We envision a world in which the work of humans is strategically augmented by AI, to a perfect balance between the 2 forces. In this way, we can bring unprecedented improvements and benefits to all industries and Planet Earth.

We are laser-focused on delivering original & effective solutions & services to revolutionize the way businesses operate.

We are inventors, improvers & integrators.

Service Platforms


Trusted Hub helps organisations create, understand & maintain their enterprise digital repository from both paper & electronic origins. Information is the lifeblood of enterprises. The ability to capture information, make sense of it, learn from it & use it with confidence is essential to building a knowledge-driven organisation.


Trusted Hub helps organizations digitalised their inhouse workflows into structured yet flexible, defined yet extendable automated "co-workers". Our workflows are able to interact with AI models to bring unparalleled automations to even complex tasks.


Trusted Hub runs industry specific business exchanges for B2B collaborations. We believe the ability to source for dependable business partners & collaborate with them digitally with ease are key to running an agile & scalable business.

AI in the Organisation

Trusted Hub helps organisations build, maintain & operate customised AI models trained on their industry-specific data. This will turbo-charge every aspect of your organisation with deep & powerful insights gleaned from your own data.


Trusted Hub helps organizations unify all their vital data from across all mediums into an electronic version that is trusted & legally recognized.

We unlock the value within the information by using intelligent machine deciphering & classification, in a reliable & timely way.

We enable the organisation's workforce to be able to work from anywhere, with confidence, supported by this digital content.


"It's remarkable that your digitisation platform is 3 days ahead of the targeted deadline, which has exceeded our expectation" - Ministry of Finance


Trusted Hub's digital workflows enable humans, algorithms & AI models to work side-by-side to meet critical business objectives round the clock.

With such a digital business domain, an organization can continuously learn, evolve & improve performance.

We continually and smartly adapt the workflow according to the evolution of the business in real time.


MedEX - Examination was the winner of Singapore Service Experience of the Year - Financial Services at the Asian Experience Awards 2021 - The Asian Business Review


Trusted Hub facilitates Enterprise-to-Enterprise-to-Consumer digital collaborations to eliminate inefficient & expensive manual solutions.

Such an Exchange can also be a market place for the sourcing of best-in-class services that are critical to the needs of organizations.

The Exchange can also be a market place to demonstrate & promote an organization's products & services to targeted audiences.


Awarded ‘Best Home Mortgage Loan Provider’ by Singapore People’s Choice Awards 2014/2015 - ANZ

AI in the Organisation

Trusted Hub enables companies to gain deeper insight into their businesses through their data by providing end-2-end ongoing data analysis, data preparation, data cleansing, machine learning model selection, model training & model deployment that will exponentially increase the value of your products & services.

All of Trusted Hub’s personnel, hardware & software involved in our AI models work on-premise in Singapore. This will provide absolute peace of mind when your sensitive data is being trained, modelled & maintained.

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Possible Applications of our Platforms

Digitisation - Digital Mailroom

E-Correspondence / Email / Envelope submissions

Extract & prepare data for processing

Determination of Purpose of Mail

Automatic identification of mail purpose(s) using our proprietary techniques to produce reliable determinations

Identification of Recipient(s)

Automatic identification of mail recipient(s) from the content of the mail using our proprietary techniques to produce reliable recommendations

Email / Msg / Workflow Delivery

Digital mail is delivered to designated department(s) & recipient(s) via email, messaging, workflow or any desired platforms

Possible areas where our platforms can be of value to your organisations

  1. Multiple locations: Useful for organisations with more than 1 location or have remote workers & would like to virtualise your mailrooms. Contact us!
  2. Online submissions: Useful for organisations that receive large volumes of e-correspondence & appreciate features for auto-deciphering & auto-triggering of action party(s). Contact us!
  3. Large volume & fast turnaround: Useful for organisations that desire to process large volumes of physical & or electronic mail quickly. Contact us!

Possible Applications of our Platforms

Workflow - Application
Application of Service

E-Form/Email/Paper submissions

Decipher, extract & prepare data for processing

Completeness Check

Assessment of sufficiency of info based on service type & applicant's profile

Info Top Up Management
Digitisation & Workflow

Automated info gathering with ongoing assessment of additional info that may become essential

Suitability Evaluation

Service suitability assessment by rules, algorithms & applicant's profile data

External Collaboration
Workflow & Exchange

Sourcing for & coordinating with external business partners to fulfill mandatory work scope

Suitability Evaluation
Digitisation & Workflow

Service suitability assessment using rules, algorithms & data from the applicant & external partners

Contract Assembly

Automatic assembly of service contract based on approved conditions

Acceptance Process

Strong authentication & strong approval mechanism to register applicant's acceptance

Possible areas where our platforms can be of value to your organisations

  1. Customer Onboarding: Useful for organisations that sign on new customers regularly for a wide range of products/services. Contact us!
  2. Customer Service: Useful for organisations that have ongoing customer-related services that require continual fulfillment. Contact us!
  3. Customer Offboarding: Useful for organisations that handle the winding down of exiting customers for a wide range of products/services. Contact us!

Possible Applications of our Platforms

Exchange - Medical Exchange

Smart algorithms performing on-the-fly sourcing of most suitable clinics from our participating panel of clinics

Appointment Reservation
Exchange & Workflow

Automatic appointment reservation & confirmation for the patient and the selected clinic

All necessary pre-visit preparatory requirements are handled automatically 

Examination Workflow

Workflow orchestrates the end-2-end procedures for the doctors & nurses to complete the examination

Smart algorithms can recommend specific types of examinations

Medical Report Instantiation
Exchange & Workflow

Medical examination reports are automatically generated by the system & endorsed by the patients

The medical reports are protected & transmitted securely electronically to relevant party(s) for processing

Possible areas where our platforms can be of value to your organisations

  1. Medical examination for onboarding: Useful for organisations that regularly send potential customers or employees for medical examinations. Contact us!
  2. Medical panels: Useful for medical panels that provide medical examinations or lab tests for medical examinations. Contact us!

Possible Applications of our Platforms

AI in the Organisation - Application
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AI to go Beyond Conventional Data Appreciation
Digitisation & ML/Ops

Go beyond simple word matching & extraction to full comprehension of the written text for new dimensions of service design

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AI to Support Our Workforce
Digitisation, Workflow, Augmentation & ML/Ops

Corporate knowledge corpus can be used with Large Language Model (LLM) to bring natural language conversational support to super charge your staffs work performance

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AI for Prediction & Optimisation
Digitisation, Workflow, Augmentation & ML/Ops

Business data is rich with powerful insights & when harvested with the correct machine learning techniques can provide valuable knowledge that can potentially generate exponential benefits

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AI for Process Automation
Digitisation, Workflow, Augmentation & ML/Ops

Our trained AI models can be deployed in our workflow environment that supports LLM to automate complex business function from start to finish

Possible areas where our platforms can be of value to your organisations

  1. Sentiment of Text: With powerful language models, conventional text can be deciphered deeper automatically to reduce manual intervention. Contact us!
  2. Prediction Models: Trained your business data into insightful AI models that can help you understand your internal & external hidden opportunities & threats (e.g. customer preferences, fraud). Contact us!
  3. Advanced Automated Workflow with Natural Language Processing & Generative AI: Complex customer fulfilment processing that traditionally requires many manual interventions can be heavily automated from beginning to end. Contact us!

Upcoming Government Seminar
15 March 2024

Join us for an exciting update on the roadmap for the digitisation of materials & how you can use data for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your organisation

o Digitisation of materials scope
o What other agencies are doing
o How is it useful for my agency?
o How do I proceed?
o Introduction to AI
o How AI is used in digitisation & digitisation is used in AI 

Our Clients

People & sectors that we are proud to serve & be part of

>80% of Singapore's Assets
Under Management (AUM) are powered by our platforms

>80% of primary care
>50% of private care
private medical panels

G2C services that are
mission critical & vital
(e.g. tax & provident funds)



Year 2010


Green ICT Award

Our Digitisation platform creates trusted and original electronic records from the digitisation of original paper records. This has helped many companies reduce their carbon footprints by reducing their reliance on paper for business contracts.

Year 2014 / 2015


‘Best Home Mortgage Loan Provider’ by People’s Choice Awards 2014/2015 - ANZ

Our agile Workflow platform, complemented by our rules engine, powered the complex mortgage loan application of ANZ. The ability for quick introduction of loan products and quick modifications to existing loan products enabled ANZ to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market place.

Year 2021


Singapore Service Experience of the Year - Financial Services at the Asian Experience Awards 2021 - The Asian Business Review

Our Exchange platform creates a trusted space for inter-sector collaboration, in this case, between insurance & healthcare providers. It transforms the traditional method of orchestrating medical examinations & leverages on modern technologies to create convenience that was once thought impossible for all participants.

Year 2023


Trusted Hub Receives Award for Commitment Towards a Sustainable and Responsible Business

We are delighted to be awarded the ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN) Asia-Pacific Green Deal Green Badge, as a recognition of our pledge of support towards the program.
By attaining the Green Badge, we had displayed our commitment to align our core operational strategies with environmental, social and governance principles towards a more circular economy.

As a next step to demonstrate our commitment, we seek to complete the ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal digital assessment, as a means to report ESG metrics aligned with stakeholders’ needs for consistent, comparable, and shareable data and showcase our sustainability efforts to potential customers, investors, and financiers. 


Trusted Hub Limited


Trusted Hub is a company that runs digital platforms for organizations. We envision a world in which the work of humans is strategically augmented by AI, to a perfect balance between the 2 forces. In this way, we can bring unprecedented improvements and benefits to all industries and Planet Earth.

We are inventors, improvers & integrators!

Trusted Hub Services

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